PRESTIGE ART KHMER is a Franco-Khmer collective of artisans, master craftsmen and researchers with recognized expertise. Its aim is to produce high-end craft pieces whose production is inspired by the ancient Khmer Empire.

Our craftsmen have rich skills and are the repositories of unique know-how, especially around the manufacture of Cambodia's ancient musical instruments recreated from the iconography of Khmer temples.


Resources and skills

  • Authentic Khmer Sculpture: stone and wood sculpture, making ancient and creative musical instruments.
  • Thean Nga: workshop of making old and traditional musical instruments, multi-material expertise: wood, horn, bone, leather, coconut, calabashes, rattan, horsehair, bamboo ...
  • Jayav Art: creative sculpture, papier-mâché, lacquer, design.
  • Eric Stocker: creation of objects, natural lacquer, eggshell, precious skins, gold leaf, silver, copper.
  • Patrick Kersalé: ethnomusicologist, music archaeologist, researcher, musician, gold leaf.